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June 15, 2017 SanaSakinah 2 comments

Hey you guys!! *Waves* So I’m back with another awesome refashioning /upcycle DIY from another thrifted handbag. If you read and loved my first blog about the loads of jewelry I made out of a few of my old and thrifted handbags then I have another goodie in store for you!! I’m telling you I will never look at handbags the same way again lol. For this project I used only one handbag. It totally caught my eye while out thrifting recently due to all the beautiful embellishment and at a whopping 50 cents I Could Not pass up on this amazing little find. I knew I could put it to great use and that’s exactly what I did!!


So I loved the idea of using this gorgeous material from the handbag and putting it to use in some home decor. So I thought, “Why not make some decorative vases using glass bottles and the fabric?”.  For this project I used two different glass bottles and three old seltzer water bottles in all. The first bottle I used was a tall slender one. I first cut pieces of fabric for each of the bottles. I then simply used some E-6000 (industrial adhesive) and applied that directly to the glass and wrapped the material around the bottom of it. Pretty simple enough…Right?


For the second type of bottle I used two altogether. These were shorter and more shapely so I didn’t use the same simple technique as the first bottle. For this particular one I once again applied the adhesive to the glass and then wrapped at a slight angle starting from the top. This one was definitely a little tricky because I could not simply wrap it down smoothly and evenly onto the actual form of the shapelier bottle. Therefore I did a little overlapping, draping and molding. As you can see I molded the bottom by pinching it into a  particular seashell-like shape and design.


And there you have it…Voila!! A brand new  set of vases to decorate as you wish!! I chose to put flowers in the tall long slender one and keep the other two as complementary accompanying pieces. Check out the video below for an even closer look!!



And of course I could not use this handbag for home decor alone when it just screams “Bling Bling”!! lol So it was only right to make a few jewelry pieces as well. The first thing I noticed on the bag was the side panels. The side panels had this Perfect soft V-shape and I immediately thought, “Statement Necklace Bib!!” So I simply cut out the shape from the bag and glued down all of the edges with fabric glue. After that I simply made holes on each side where I would connect the chain with the o-rings and clasp. And again…Voila!!


Lastly I made a pair of earrings. Again very simple. I just cut out long pieces of the material and I begin to cut the ends into step-like blocks just to give them more of a design. After that I simply made my holes where I would connect my o-rings and fish hooks. And again…Easy Peasy!! I loved how these turned out looking like skyscrapers in the night. I call them my “upside down skyscrapers” earrings lol.


Overall I really loved creating these pieces!!! They are so gorgeous and the material from the handbag did exactly what I thought it would do. Now I probably wouldn’t  normally wear both of the jewelry pieces together but for demonstration purposes I couldn’t resist being extra lol.




I have one more piece of jewelry I may create with this last piece of material and I will probably post that one on my Instagram. What do you think it will be or what would you make…Hmmmm??


And to think I did all of this with a 50 cents bag?!? *Gasp* Never underestimate the value in something!! Welp…until next time folks!!! *Waves*


What I Used

Thrifted Handbag

Glass bottles

Fabric Glue

Industrial Strength Adhesive

Fish hooks


Chain & Clasp